Evangelism in Our Present Culture

Bolton Conference 2018 - October 26-27 (Friday - Saturday)

The Apostle John ended his first letter on a very ominous note with, “the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” As such, all manner of evil and sin, and ultimately death, characterize this present fallen world. As God’s people, we are called not only to walk in it, but to serve the Lord in the midst of it. The ministry of God’s servant Elijah, “a man with a nature like ours”, was a demonstration not only of the challenges of serving God in this world, but of God’s faithful sustaining and empowerment for that ministry. God’s greater servant Jesus has revealed to us one of the keys to walking and ministering in this present age in His remarkable prayer life. Come join us at the 2018 Bolton Conference where Stuart Olyott and Mark Jones will expound to us from the Scriptures regarding Elijah and ultimately Jesus, who walked, served and prayed in the midst of the evil all around them.

Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church
25 Cross Street, Whitinsville, MA
(Church Phone: 508.234.5268)

Sessions begin Friday at 3:00 PM and end on Saturday at 2:30 PM. The book table opens on Friday afternoon at 12:30.