Evangelism in Our Present Culture

Since 1985, the Conference has featured the following pastors, authors and teachers of Biblical and Reformed theology, selected by the Fellowship’s Executive Committee.

1985 Roger Nicole and William Barker
1986 Sinclair Ferguson and David Wells
1987 Joel Nederhood and David Gordon
1988 J.I. Packer and S. DeWaal
1989 James M. Boice and Glenn Knecht
1990 Bruce Waltke and D.A. Carson
1991 O. Palmer Robertson and Maurice Roberts
1992 John Piper and Robert Godfrey
1993 Glenn Knecht and Geoffey Thomas
1994 James Boice and Iain Murray
1995 Joel R. Beeke and William Hogan
1996 David F. Wells and Donald A. Carson
1997 Thomas J. Nettles and W. Robert Godfrey
1998 Scott J. Hafemann and Hywel R. Jones
1999 Mark Dever and Iain Murray
2000 Maurice Roberts and Joel Beeke
2001 Samuel Waldron and Conrad Mbewe
2002 John Blanchard and Rick Daniels
2003 Michael Haykin and Hywel Jones
2004 Irfon Hughes and Ian Hamilton
2005 Iain Campbell, Robert E. Davis, Paul Wanamaker and Richard Daniels
2006 Don Whitney and William Barcley
2007 Christian Adjemian and Stuart Olyott
2008 Andrew Davies and Hywel Jones
2009 Ligon Duncan and Mark Johnston
2010 Derek Thomas and Joel Beeke
2011 William Barcley and Thomas J. Nettles
2012 D. Ralph David and Gregory Beale
2013 Carl Trueman and Thabiti Anyabwile
2014 David Green and David Murray
2015 Joel Beeke and Lars Larson
2016 Ian Hamilton and Ian Duguid
2017 Michael Haykin and Thomas Schreiner

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